How Much Can You Sell A Diamond Ring For

Of course the answer to this questions is ‘it depends’. There are a lot of factors such as market prices, location, and the time of year: but here are a couple of the factors of your ring that will most impact the price that you will receive.

Value of the Diamond

Diamonds are like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. And this presents a distinct challenge when you are trying to price a diamond, but it also a large part in what creates the value. It is important to remember that even through you found a diamond of similar cut, color and carat weight as your stone, their values might be much different. It is possible to go online to any number of websites and search for similar stones to determine the value of your diamond, and we would recommend coming up with at least three comparable stones, then averaging their value.

Value of the Metal

The value of the metal in your diamond ring is usually not a significant part of the equation, but valuable none the less. It is important that you know exactly what kind of metal the ring is, because there is a big difference between 12 karat gold and 24 karat gold.

Value of the Design

There are really only two cases where the value of the design is meaningful. The first is when you are selling a ring directly to a consumer. In this case it is very important that the other party like the design, but it is also rare, which is the challenge in selling directly to another person. More often than not the ring is not exactly what they are looking for. The second time when the design of a diamond ring that you are trying to sell is important is if the ring you are selling is a diamond solitaire. This is a classic and pretty timeless design, and there is a chance that you are able to make slightly more selling this diamond ring that the sum of its parts. This is because it is possible to resell the ring without taking it apart, so it is more valuable to the buyer.
Aside from these two somewhat rare instances, the design of the ring doesn’t affect its price much one way or the other, so when evaluating your diamond ring, you are better served by focusing on the value of the diamond, and of the ring.