How to prepare for your first date after a divorce

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Preparing for your first date after going through a divorce can be intimidating; however, with a few simple things to remember it can be a rewarding experience that will give you the confidence necessary to truly move on. If you’ve made the decision to reenter the dating pool you have made a positive step towards inner healing.

It is understandable that dating again can feel vulnerable; protecting your emotions is very important. As the saying goes, “Don’t wear your heart on your sleeves.” Before you arrive on your date envision that a brick wall is surrounding you and guarding you; if at any moment during your date you choose to remove one brick and invite your date in you may. If you feel unsafe or don’t feel quite ready to remove your protection remember that you do not have to until you feel comfortable. Having healthy respect for yourself is extremely important. Try not to see a date as an asset to bring healing to your broken heart -that viewpoint can put unnecessary pressure on a new relationship quickly. Only you can find the healing you need after a divorce even though a relationship can definitely help you in the process.

Perhaps the most important way to prepare for a first date after a divorce is to loosen up and just have fun! Keeping the fear of vulnerability at a minimal and taking a deep breath and relaxing can be just the thing you need to truly have a good time with your new date.

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