How to Sell A Diamond in Clovis, CA

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Weddings and Engagements in Clovis, CA

In Clovis, CA you can enjoy a great climate. The city has been around almost one hundred years and a great rodeo is held every year on the last weekend in April. Clovis, CA is in the middle of an active seismic zone. Fifteen percent of the population is of European or Middle Eastern ethnicity, or, mixed race while 75 percent are white. Everyone else is black, Native American or Asian. Garrett Olsom currently serving the Seattle Mariners, Zack Follett currently on the team of the Detroit Lions and Chris Colfer seen on Glee in the role of Kurt Hummel are all from Clovis, CA. For those planning a wedding several themes would be appropriate, you could go with local tributes of honor or your own favorite theme. Investing in a great photographer might be an idea worth considering. Great pictures long after the wedding is over are a treasure to behold. Also, quality photography services can capture what you want captured even if you have a modest ceremony. In Clovis, CA photographers specializing in weddings include Heidi Jones Photography, Craig Kohlruss Photography, Kelley Nelson Photography and John M. Reynolds Photography Studio. The wedding can be held at the Best Western Clovis Cole for an elegant appeal. If that didn’t work the Victoria Rose Cottage is a darling “home” setting from years gone by with a double front porch and searing for up to 100 at once. If having the reception here the menu is very pleasing.

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