How to Sell A Diamond in Hamilton, NJ

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Weddings and Engagements in Hamilton, NJ

In Hamilton, NJ you can enjoy close proximity to the state capital. Transportation by train is available and the township is home to the very large Veterans Park which consists of 350 acres. Another park, the Grounds for Sculpture Park includes 35 acres and exhibits sculptures, water embellishments and gardens. There are at least 230 sculptures, possibly even more. Hamilton, NJ enjoys a slightly higher standard of living than the state overall. One of the nicest places to get married other than your favorite church or synagogue is the mansion known as the Hamilton Manor. Twenty foot ceilings and an elegant staircase give your passage into matrimonial bliss the unforgettable grace that you can always appreciate for years to come. The manor provides its clients with state of the art audio and visual equipment so you can capture every last delight permanently and in the grandest style. You can also enjoy a stone paved courtyard and several acres of gardens which serve you when you choose to honor your special occasion outdoors. Ballrooms include the Grand Ballroom which is enormous and perfectly suited for weddings and associated types of things. Above the Grand Ballroom is a special space known as The Gallery where you can host elegant and private dinner events such as a rehearsal dinner. The Onyx Room at the manor is also fitting for rehearsal diners. Other dining at Hamilton Manor includes a fine steak house and an unsurpassed lounge where you could hold memorable bachelor or bachelorette parties for the lucky couple. In Hamilton, NJ you can have the wedding of your dreams.

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