How to Sell A Diamond in MacKinney, TX

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Weddings and Engagements in MacKinney, TX

The Virginia Rose Inn of MacKinney, TX is evidence of the many wedding sites found throughout MacKinney, TX. Beautiful furnishings and fluffy floral bouquets are scattered everywhere and the china used for serving is out of this world. The Sleepy Hollow Hideaway Bed and Breakfast includes a separate sitting porch with ferns and cushions along an old fashioned wooden bench resting in a scenic location under a large shade tree. There are two extensively decorated rooms to choose from, one of these is the Texas Room. In the Texas Room you are greeted with Lone Star quilts, wood paneling, deep burgundy red paint and western clothing racks as well as paintings that hang in a numerous quantity along the walls. The Garden Room includes an antique wrought iron bed, lovely teal walls, hung embroidery works, bed shawls, quilts and white furnishings. At the Dowell House you find distinguished accommodations for wedding guests. The MacKinney, TX Performing Arts Center has rental space for young couples who have plans for reciting their wedding vows. The wedding, the rehearsal or the reception can all be staged at the Center. Rentals are made to parties who anticipate three to six hours of time for their event. Some of the architectural features of this venue include maple flooring, marble wainscoting and elaborate trims. There are also many windows scattered through the building and three floors in addition to the ground level floor. The city of MacKinney, TX reached the number five position on Money Magazine’s (an established publication) list of Best Places to Live in the Country in 2010. This means that the city enjoys a low crime rate, affordable housing and good jobs as well as ideal shopping opportunities.

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