How to Sell A Diamond in Port Saint Lucie, FL

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Weddings and Engagements in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Port Saint Lucie, FL. is the ideal romantic wedding spot for couples wanting to experience nature’s beauty. Miles and miles of beautiful beaches, golf courses, gorgeous parks, and top of the line resort hotels are just a few of the things that you’ll find in Port Saint Lucie, FL. During June and July, the temperatures average around 70 degrees during the night, and about 90 during the day, making it perfect weather for romantic beach walks. Make sure to book a honeymoon suite at one of the many local three and four star hotels, a balcony view overlooking the ocean is a memory you will both treasure forever, and will talk about for years to come. There is nothing like cracking open a bottle of champagne and watching a Port Saint Lucie, FL sunset! With a population of around 406,000 the beautiful Port Saint Lucie is not what one would consider a “touristy” area. The locals are friendly, the shops aren’t over crowded, and you and your significant other can really spend time enjoying each others company here. There are literally DOZENS of wedding venues to choose from in Port St. Lucie, and a quick web search reveals outdoor venues, banquet halls, historic mansions, religious venues, and more right at your fingertips, all in Port St. Lucie, FL!

With lush beaches, tropical breeze and Atlantic Ocean on the side, Port St. Lucie, FL is heaven on earth for a couple in love. The city has one of the most wonderful and exciting themes on the platter, the Barefoot Beach wedding facility, with exquisite food and music augmenting the fun. The Sheraton PGA Vacation Resort is one of the best resorts offering exceptional facilities with the most exotic range of seafood available in town on the menu. The Crowne Plaza West Palm Beach hotel in Port St. Lucie, FL promises spectacular ocean-views from rooms, excellent catering facilities and a spa for relaxation for pampering guests. The III Folks Prime Steakhouse is a perfect restaurant to host a private, intimate ceremony with mouth-watering dishes on the menu. Other restaurants like Hong Kong, Bizaare Ave Café, and the Capri Blu Ristorante Italiano offer eclectic food and homely atmosphere for a memorable wedding. Port St. Lucie, FL leaves no stone unturned with its majestic golf courses, spectacular hotels and warm beaches and is a major honeymoon destination too.

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