How to Sell A Diamond in Spring Valley, NV

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Weddings and Engagements in Spring Valley, NV

Spring Valley, NV is right next to the widely recognized Las Vegas Strip, only two miles away. This designated living area is composed of mostly subdivisions and some strip malls. There are also rural estates at the north end of this town. In the state of Nevada you must be 18 years old to purchase a marriage license. The cost ranges from $35 to $65 and will be valid for up to one year which means you can marry up to one year from the date your purchased your license before it expires. If you don’t have the wedding by the end of one year you have to purchase a new wedding license. No blood test or waiting period is required although, you can get married immediately after acquiring the license. Several lovely parks exist in Spring Valley, NV for little outings prior to the ceremony. The Paul Meyer Park, the Laurelwood Park, the Desert Breeze Park or the Prosperity Park offer some fresh air at a short distance, all within the city limits. Always and Forever Wedding Chapel offers a wedding chapel or you could choose an outdoor setting such as lakeside setting. At Always and Forever Wedding Chapel you find a wedding chapel designed with stone pillars, fountains and flowers that resemble an indoor Victorian garden. The Rainbow Gardens, only a minute from Spring Valley, NV you find one of the most elegant banquet facilities in the area. The garden at Rainbow Gardens is climate controlled and the only one in the area that is. You can choose to go formal or not at the Rainbow Gardens with the variety of rooms to choose from so your day will be as perfect as you had hoped for.

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