How to Sell A Diamond in Sunrise Manor, NV

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Weddings and Engagements in Sunrise Manor, NV

Sunrise Manor, NV is a population dense area with over 4,000 residents per square mile. Sunrise Manor, NV is home to the Las Vegas Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which is a very famous Christian church organization. Marriage is a popular activity in the area. At the Texas Station Gambling Hall and Hotel you can book your wedding or your reception and you can do this while choosing from a variety of styles. You can even opt for the sustainable wedding or the seasonal wedding which tend to be somewhat more unique. An elegant wedding chapel with pianist, fresh floral bouquets and a buffet reception with antipasto, salad, lobster, chicken, champagne and wedding cake are included in the Texas Station’s Majestic Package. There are also facilities for the Bachelor or Bachelorette party at the Texas Station. Dancing, brunch, dinner and beer, bowling, pizza and a hotel suite are included in this package. At the Alienate Station Casino and Hotel of Sunrise Manor, NV you will be amid a master-planned community. The hotel and its ballrooms are decorated in the most stylish and modern manner imaginable. Wedding packages are available for weddings that include at least 75 guests. This hotel also hosts alternate wedding arrangements where you can choose a special location away from the hotel with catering, flowers and the works just as if you were having it at the hotel.

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