How to Sell a Diamond

Selling a Diamond has gotten much easier with the proliferation of the internet. All you have to do is a quick google search to find a few businesses interested in buying diamond rings, but that is only have of the work. As with selling everything, you need to know what it is that you are selling, and what you want for it.

What do you Have

If you have a certification for your diamond, this part should be easy. If you don’t have a certification, you definitely need to know more about your diamond before you begin the process of selling it. The certification will provide you with the 4 C’s of the diamond, and is itself often called the fifth C, tong in cheek. The Cut, Color, and Clarity of your stone are very important, but perhaps the most important part of your diamond is the carat weight, sometimes called the karat weight (but no one calls it the 3 C’s and 1 K). The carat weight of your main stone goes a long way in determining the total value of your ring. It is of particular importance when it makes the difference between a full or half carat increment. For example a 2.49 carat diamond is worth less than a 2.51 carat diamond. The bigger the stone the more value it is by increasing amounts. This is also true for the small stones in a ring.

How Much do you Want?

Once you know what you have a little internet research will tell you what the ‘retail value’ of you stone is. As a rule of thumb you should expect about 50% of the retail value when selling your diamond. If you have a larger diamond, especially over 2 carats, you can expect more than 50% of the retail value, but as a rule of thumb, half of the retail value is a good place to start.

Finding Buyers

You have already found a buyer! The Diamond Lining specializes in buying diamonds and diamond rings, so you have definitely come to the right spot!