How to tell you’re ready to start dating after a divorce

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If you’re recently out of a marriage, only you can determine if you’re ready to start dating again. There will be many opinions coming your way from loved ones, friends and opinionated folk everywhere. The appropriate amount of time to wait is entirely up to you and your feelings, but before you do, make sure you have achieved these basics.

Actively Grieve
There will be many feelings left over from your ordeal, and you may be eager to fill gaps with a new person in your life. Recovery is not passive, and it’s important to work through anger, guilt and remorse. There is no reason to worry about the appropriateness of your dating if you’ve given yourself the time you need.

Identify Yourself
Divorce is a challenging time period. You are now a different person than you were at the start of your last relationship. You need to identify who you are without another person before you have the groundwork laid to pursue a new, healthy relationship. Diving in without independence will only leave you vulnerable. Try to find happiness with your own life first. Build a firm understanding of who you are. When you can have fun alone, you’re ready to find a partner to join you.

Be Ready
Love and dating shouldn’t be forced, they happen naturally when exposed to new people. Socialize, spend time with friends and explore new groups. If you feel uncomfortable or like you’re pushing yourself, give yourself more time and trust your instincts.

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