Selling an Engagement or Diamond Ring in Connecticut

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Engagement and Marriage in Connecticut

If you’ve just set a date for your wedding, this can be an exciting time for the two of you! Here’s what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Connecticut marriage license. It is recommended that you get the legal aspect of your wedding out of the way while you are still engaged, about a month before your wedding date. Connecticut law requires that you present photo id such as a driver’s license or a passport. You also need to know the following facts: 1) Your social security numbers, 2) Your mother’s maiden name, 3) Your parents’ birthplaces, 4) Date and location of your wedding, 5) name and contact info of your wedding officiate. You do not have to be a resident of Connecticut, but you do need to apply in either the town where one of you lives, or in the town where you plan on getting married. If it is difficult for you both to appear at the same time at the Clerk’s office to apply for your marriage license, you can appear individually. There is no Covenant Marriage Option in the state, and their is no waiting period between a divorce and when a new wedding be officiated. Although some towns may require you to pick the license up the next day. The fees in the state are approximately $35, but they may vary from county to county. Most locales won’t accept credit cards or out-of-state checks. Cash is best, but don’t bring bills larger than $20. There are no common law marriages, and no proxy mariages in Connecticute, but distant cousins can legall be engaged or married. On October 10, 2008, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled “4 to 3, that the state’s civil unions violated the constitutional guarantees of equal protection under the law.” As of November 12, 2008, same-sex marriages are legal in Connecticut. Additionally, effective 10/01/2005, same-sex couples can be legally united through a civil union. If the ceremony is performed at City Hall, an officiate such as the City Clerk pronounces couples as “partners in life.” If one of the engaged parties are under sixteen years of age, the written consent of the judge of probate for the district where the minor resides must be obtained. Written parental consent is needed if under 18 years of age. Judges, retired judges, Connecticut state referees, Connecticut justices of the peace, and ordained or license clergymen (belonging to any state) may perform weddings in Connecticut. If a friend or relative wants to perform your wedding ceremony, they can, if an authorized officiator is also present, confirm your marriage ceremony and to sign your marriage license. As of 10/01/2003 the blood test requirement was repealed. To receive a copy of Certificate of Marriage you will need to contact the Town Clerk in the city or town where your marriage occurred.

Ending a Marriage or Engagement in Connecticut

Connecticut Divorce is a type of divorce through which one i.e either it may be a men or women can be separated from other and can live independently without the help of the other one. According to the Connecticut Divorce law, a decree of dissolution of a marriage or a decree of legal separation shall be granted upon a finding that one of the following causes has occurred, especially when the marriage has broken down either irretrievably or due to intolerable cruelty or due to habitual intemperance. In a Connecticut Divorce, The Superior Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all complaints seeking a decree of annulment, dissolution of a marriage or legal separation. Selling your engagement ring just became a whole lot easier now that you found The Diamond Lining. We can help you sell your diamond jewelry or wedding ring through our safe and efficient system, and we will help you get the most money possible for your engagement ring. Selling an Engagement Ring in Delaware, Selling an Engagement Ring in Florida, Selling an Engagement Ring in Georgia