Selling an Engagement or Wedding Ring in North Carolina

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Engagement and Marriage in North Carolina

North Carolina known as Tar Heel state or Old North state is a state located on the Atlantic Seaboard in the Mid-Atlantic. In order to get married, you need to apply and receive the marriage license. You must show proof of age in North Carolina, which can be accomplished by providing your driver’s license, state ID, passport or birth certificate. You do not have to be a resident of North Carolina. North Carolina does not have awaiting period. If previously married,the date of divorce or date of spouse’s death must be supplied. Marriage license valid for sixty days. Two witnesses are required for this purpose. Same sex marriages are tot permitted in this state. Anyone 20 years of age will need to show a certified copy of their birth certificate. If you are between 16 and 17 years old, you will have to show parental consent. Those who are 14 to 15 years old, you can’t get a marriage license without a court order.

Ending a Marriage or Engagement in North Carolina

The divorce rate in North Carolina is 4.5 this is past the national median. Averagely, the total number of divorces per year for the state of North Carolina is about 35,618 which is very high considering the number of marriages. North Carolina is a no-fault state. Uniquely a one year separation is required before filing for divorce. There are no legal provisions for simplified divorce procedures. However, premarital and marital property settlement agreements are specifically recognized as valid. Generally, divorce is uncontested if you and your spouse agree on major issues. Selling your engagement ring just became a whole lot easier now that you found The Diamond Lining. We can help you sell your diamond jewelry or wedding ring through our safe and efficient system, and we will help you get the most money possible for your engagement ring. Selling an Engagement Ring in North , Dakota, Selling an Engagement Ring in Ohio, , Selling an Engagement Ring in Oklahoma