Selling an Engagement or Wedding Ring in Oregon

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Engagement and Marriage in Oregon

In 2004 and 2005, there was controversy and political disagreement concerning the status of same-sex marriage in Oregon. In 2004, Multnomah County began issuing same-sex marriage licenses, which began a political battle over same-sex marriage that ended later that year with an amendment to the Oregon Constitution. In 2005, the legislature introduced a bill to create civil unions which eventually died in committee and did not become law. Currently, the state of Oregon does not recognize same-sex marriage. However, the governor of Oregon,Ted Kulongoski, signed a domestic partnership bill into law on May 9, 2007. Called the Oregon Family Fairness Act, the law would provide several major rights to same-sex couples that were previously only given to married couples, including the ability to file jointly on insurance forms, hospital visitation rights, and rights relating to the deceased partner. While January 1, 2008 was the date the statute would have taken effect, a court challenge delayed its implementation until being resolved on February 1, 2008, and the law went into effect that day, with registrations set to begin on February 4, 2008. The Oregon Constitution now states: It is the policy of Oregon, and its political subdivisions, that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or legally recognized as a marriage.

Ending a Marriage or Engagement in Oregon

The divorce rate in the state of Oregon is nearly 5.3 and more than 16 thousand divorces were made from the state in 2007. In Oregonone doesn’t need any legal reason to get divorced unless both couples find it difficult to settle the problem. For filing a divorcein Oregon, either of the couples should have lived in Oregon for six months or above. The divorce must be filed in a county in whichone of the couples live. If the divorce is uncontested you may do the legal formalities yourself. But if the divorce is contested you may certainly need a lawyer. Self help forms are available but you may still want to have a lawyer look it over. The following are certain steps you must take for the divorce: a) You have to file some documents, including a petition for the divorce. b) You must have the petition and any other required documents officially delivered to (“served on”) your spouse. c) You must pay or be excused from paying the fees that are charged for filing a divorce petition. The Court costs and filing fees are about $100-$400. The best for divorce in Oregon way is to consult a lawyer, as they would help you in all the matters and knows all the legal regulations. Selling your engagement ring just became a whole lot easier now that you found The Diamond Lining. We can help you sell your diamond jewelry or wedding ring through our safe and efficient system, and we will help you get the most money possible for your engagement ring. Selling an Engagement Ring in Pennsylvania, , Selling an Engagement Ring in Rhode Island, , Selling an Engagement Ring in South Carolina