Ideas for an Inhereted Antique Engagement Ring

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As we all know, inheriting items is sometimes bitter sweet. You may gain something beautiful on account of someone passing away. Fortunately all inherited items do not happen in such a way. For example your grandmother may decide to pass on her antique engagement ring to you. You are now the proud owner of a heirloom but now you are faced with the question of what to do with it. Here are four ideas concerning what to do with an inherited diamond engagement ring.

1. Reset the ring.
Although antique rings are special, they may be in need of a transformation. Resetting the ring can give it new life and turn it into something more beautiful. Several options are available such as repairing the setting or replacing it completely. You may also want to consider the option of brining the diamond closer to your finger for more practical use.

2. Add to the ring.
If you want to make a subtle heirloom a bit more elaborate you can add to the ring. You can select to surround the existing stone with more stones to make the diamond appear bigger.

3. Keep it as is.
For those who like to collect antique rings, keeping the ring as is is the best option. An inherited diamond engagement ring is a wonderful item to gain and can be used for your own engagement.

4. Sell it.
If the ring is not you, there is always the option of selling it. You can have the ring appraised and set a price for the heirloom. When a ring is being appraised the appraiser will inspect the ring and assign a value to it. Just be sure that selling the ring will not offend your loved ones.

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