Is a Destination Wedding a Good Solution for a Second Marriage?

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Many couples are unsure of what type and what level of celebration should go along with a second marriage. If both couples were previously wed, it often is a better idea to spend your wedding budget on a special romantic getaway. Firstly, most of these pairs have already had a standard wedding and repeating the same steps for the second marriage could be considered in bad taste or just plain bad luck. Your family has already been through that with you so your second wedding should be something new that will be a first time experience for you and your new spouse.

You can double the benefit of your spending by arranging a destination wedding at a luxury resort and all inclusive resort. Your wedding and honeymoon can become a “wedding moon” and it will create so many more memories than a standard wedding gathering. For what a couple would pay for the costs of a wedding an reception, they could easily afford a six to ten day vacation where they will be pampered beyond the level of any previous vacation. The all inclusive resorts such as Sandals and Beaches really do their best to make a destination wedding the best for their guests. Wedding photos taken at these types of unions are always some of the most beautiful pictures, you can’t find that type of background or scenery anywhere else.

There are many things to consider and you should do that at length. If you have family members that will want to be on board make sure to give them all plenty of advanced notice. You will want to invite the same guests that you would invite to a traditional wedding but make sure to emphasize in advance that no feelings will be hurt if they don’t attend. You can always plan a reception back at home to be held weeks or even months after you return.

A destination wedding is an excellent choice for second marriages. There are plenty of options and plenty of professionals out there who can make the event a perfect one.

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