Selling a diamond engagement ring in Detroit MI

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Engagement and Marriage in Detroit , MI

Detroit, MI may not come to mind as a top wedding vacation site, but with a little creativity, you can have a fabulous wedding at one of its many interesting wedding venues. Belle Isle Park offers a oasis with in the city with its metropolitan park. This make it both a unique and convenient location to host your wedding ceremony, or reception. Both nature and a beautiful cityscape will make for great wedding photos. The Greystone Ballroom located in Greystone International Hall of Fame is the perfect choice for jazz fans. This historic Detroit venue lets you get married amidst memorabilia from Miles Davis and Duke Ellington. Or if cars interest you, have a uniquely Detroit wedding at the Renaissance Center, the headquarters of GM. Also consider escaping the city for the day and get married at the gorgeous Anna Whitcomb Conservatory.
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