Selling a diamond engagement ring in Lubbock TX

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Engagement and Marriage in Lubbock, TX

Choosing a location for your nuptials in Lubbock, Texas can be difficult. The city of Lubbock boasts at least 63 facilities to choose from! The most popular location for a larger wedding is The Garden and Arts Center Auditorium and will accommodate 150 guests. For a small venue, the historic St. Paul’s on the Plains Chapel is a popular spot. The most unique location would be the Old Allen Farmhouse which provides indoor/outdoor and large or small events. They have several different environments including a large reception area with a circular dance floor “corral”, and an outdoor garden chapel. Lubbock, TX is also the birthplace, and was home to Buddy Holly. Buddy and his girlfriend Maria Elena Santiago chose a more private setting, they were married in the Holly family home at 1606 39th Street on August 15, 1958. Whether you choose a large, small, or private setting for your big day, Lubbock, TX is a great place to get married in.
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