Selling a diamond engagement ring in Madison WI

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Engagement and Marriage in Madison, WI

Madison, WI is a beautiful city. However, the city can get very cold in the Winter. Any marriage in Madison, WI should take place either in the Summer or the Fall. One of the best places to get married in Madison, WI is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This venue is newly renovated and features excellent ballrooms, delicious food, and enough space for even the largest weddings. Second place in Madison, WI for marriage venue goes to the Mansion Hill Inn. This mansion was built in 1857 and is absolutely gorgeous as it has been carefully restored. This venue is historic, but it cannot host a large party or reception. Quivey’s Grove takes third place on the list of Madison, Wisconson wedding venues. This charming estate not only serves as a great venue, but it features incredible Wisconsin recipes for receptions. All of these venues can be booked for under $20,000 for all expenses.
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