Just Divorced

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Driving down the street the other day I saw a car that made me burst out laughing. On the rear window, the car had the words “Just Divorced” printed in script all the way across the window. after my first wave of laughter subsided, I looked at the bumper to see if the car also had cans attached to it (presumably beer cans), but alas, it was not to be. Needless to say I found this twist on a common marriage tradition amusing, but it got me to thinking, are there any other traditions that people who have recently been divorced partake in? I guess a honeymoon is out of the question, but a vacation to club med isn’t… If you have heard of anything let us know. Were thinking about compiling a list and publishing it as a self help guide!

Just Divorced

Just Divorce Car

(Sorry for the blurry image, but click on the car and you can get a larger image.)

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