Katie Holmes Throws a Herself a Divorce Party

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Katie Holmes is far from being down in the dumps regarding her divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise nearly one year ago. In fact, the “Dawson’s Creek” actress is reportedly throwing a divorce party for herself this weekend to mark her first year of freedom from Cruise. Holmes filed for divorce from the 50-year-old “Mission Impossible” star this week last year, and credited her friends for helping her get through the year.Profile of Katie Holmes

The Jane Hotel in New York City is the venue for Holmes’ self-thrown divorce party. A source close to the actress said the creative event will be “enjoyable and emotional, with Katie wanting to thank them for their support throughout a momentous year,” referring to Holmes’ friends.  Some of the friends who were expected to be at the divorce party include stylist Jeanne Yang (who features a black-and-white photo of Holmes wearing a full-length dress coat on her website), socialite Lizzie Tisch and Tonya Lee, wife of director Spike Lee.

Holmes, 34, and Cruise were married in 2006. Their union fell apart in 2012, reportedly in part because the “Batman Begins” actress took issue with the “Jack Reacher” star’s commitment to scientology.For the time being, Holmes has ruled out getting into a relationship. The actress has stayed single since her 2012 divorce. She’s been using that time to take care of 7-year-old daughter Suri, her first and only child with Cruise.  “She’s lying low on the romantic side of things. She doesn’t need that right now. Her focus is on Suri,” a rep for Holmes told the tabloid Us Magazine.  Besides taking care of Suri, Holmes has also stepped up her career since her divorce from Cruise.

The actress has appeared on Broadway, starring in “Dead Accounts” on the Great White Way. Holmes also will be featured in three upcoming films: “Days and Nights,” “Mania Days” and “Responsible Adults.”  While some reports indicate that Holmes has shied away from dating since divorcing Cruise, others rumors have cropped up signaling that the star may be ready to pursue a relationship.  Holmes has become “close friends” with her “Mania Days” co-star, Luke Kirby, and may be falling for the actor despite him having a girlfriend, according to Hollywoodtake.com.  But a source close to Holmes said the relationship hasn’t gotten romantic, and that Holmes acknowledges Kirby has a girlfriend.

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