Letting your family and friends know you’re dating again after a divorce

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Reentering the dating pool after going through a divorce can be a challenge, especially when letting your family and friends know that you’ve found a new flame. The people who helped you overcome the pain associated with a failed marriage can be overprotective and may find it difficult to support your moving on since they have been emotionally invested in your experience right along with you. However, while it may be a challenge to inform them about your decision it is possible to gain their approval with preparation.

Be willing to answer any questions your loved ones might have for you regardless of how arduous it might seem. If you can show true transparency with your friends and family members and refrain from acting defensively it can show them that you’ve matured enough to move on. Remember that you’re not seeking their permission; setting boundaries for yourself before discussing the situation can spare you from much frustration. You do need the advice of those who are closest to you but ultimately the decision to date again is still yours to make. Keeping the balance between allowing outside insight and maintaining the right to disagree when necessary will ensure your success.

When you tell your family and friends about your intentions to move on after a divorce you will send an invitation for them to be a part of your new relationship. This is one of the most important steps you can make to find a truly healthy relationship.

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