Making a Second Marriage Wedding Unique

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Second weddings are a commonplace feature in today’s world. This means the fact that it is a second wedding is not a unique feature to be exploited to make the wedding unique. However, there are several way to make the second wedding unique while considering all the special circumstances that a second wedding entails. Second weddings offer the opportunity for the bride to display more of a sense of their own personality in the wedding planning versus what a traditional wedding setting may offer. In addition, things like blending families and elderly or deceased parent and in-laws that will obviously not be a part of the wedding will play a large part in second weddings in some fashion, even if their memories are honored, in the case of parents that have passed.

The ex and the children of the bride and groom will have to be considered also. It is because of these personal considerations that the former spouse be told of the pending wedding. Grandchildren of both the bride and groom may also play a role in the nuptials. Younger children can be incorporated in the normal role of flower girls and ring bearers, but older or adult males can walk the bride down the aisle and give the bride away or play best man roles. Older or adult daughters can be maiden of honors or play larger roles in the planning, if not most.

The vows of the bride and groom can be altered to reflect the newly blended family and the children of the newly formed unit can all be with the bride and groom as the vows are read. The second wedding frees the planners to be creative in the planning without being bound by the constraints of tradition. This in itself will make the nuptials not only unique, but memorable and with a definite delineation from prior weddings.

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