Meeting Mr. Right after divorcing Mr. Wrong

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Millions of little girls grow up looking forward to love and marriage one day. For some, it happens and lasts until death do they part. For others, the divorce decree cannot come quick enough. Unfortunately, too many trips down the aisle result in saying, “I do” to the wrong man, but it happens and it happens for many reasons. The couples are too young or immature to handle marriage. There is lack or misuse of finances, infidelity or abuse.

Whatever the reason for the demise, divorcees find themselves immediately thrust back into an old familiar status in life – being single. Depending on the amount of years married and the mindset of the particular female, the thought of dating again either brings on fear or excitement. Once you have spent your life with and invested your time in one man, it can be difficult to feel free to love again. Nevertheless, it is possible. However, it does take time to heal and to determine what you will and will not tolerate. It may also take time to process what was learned from the first marriage.

Just remember, sometimes you have to kiss a frog or two before you find that prince. Sometimes Mr. Wrong’s purpose is to help you learn what or who is right. Sometimes true love comes the second time around. Never lose hope and never feel undeserving. Meeting Mr. Right after divorcing Mr. Wrong is a love worth finding.
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