Modern Brides Don’t Need Wedding Rings

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Brides are increasingly shunning traditions surrounding weddings. Some brides prefer not to be escorted by their parents down the aisle while others keep their names after marriage. Brides are also doing away with wedding rings. For most people, a wedding ring is an important symbol of a couple’s commitment. However, some people view the rings as unnecessary and uncomfortable and even heavy-handed. The value of this tradition is being debated by feminists.

Despite the symbolism associated with wedding rings, there are several reasons why brides might choose not to wear them. Certain vocations such as manual labor and medicine make it impractical to wear rings at work. Manual work can destroy the shape and color of the rings. Some athletes including footballers are also not allowed to wear wedding rings.

Wedding rings can also bring allergic reactions to some people. They may tolerate wood, titanium or stone band but not metal rings. There are also brides who dislike rings. They prefer having other things such as body tattoos, pendants or earrings to signify their engagement. Personal beliefs can also be cited as another reason why modern brides shun rings. Some feel that the rings are an instrument of control that shows you belong to another person. Others simply don’t want to broadcast or show their marital status to the world. Some people even remove their bands when going out.

A wedding ring is not a guarantee that your wife will be faithful. Some are unfaithful with the ring while others are faithful even without the ring. Women who believe in feminist ideologies are more likely to do away with wedding rings. Most of the people in this school of thought believe that women should have equal rights as men. Thus they tend to behave more like the other gender. They are more determined to have control and exercise their authority in decision making.