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Miami Heat Championship RingGlitzy. Sparkly. Bright. Unique. These words and many more can be used to describe the championship rings of the Miami Heat. The Heat currently have three NBA championship titles and each ring has been designed to reflect the team’s journey to get there. One key element in each of these incredible rings are what is considered girl’s best friend: diamonds.

The Heat won their first championship in 2006. This ring is made up of 159 diamonds (5.26 carats). The top perimeter of the ring is outlined in diamond chips, spelling out “World Champions.” In the center of the ring you will see the Larry O’Brien championship trophy, also surrounded by diamonds. Compared to the rings that followed, this ring may be considered the simplest in design.

The second championship ring came in 2012. The diamond count is upped in this ring, boasting 219 (10.8 total carats)of the sparkling gem. At first glance the ring looks quite similar to the 2006 ring: it features the O’Brien trophy as well as spells out “World Champions” on the outer perimeter-in diamonds, of course. However, this time around the Heat added its logo on to the trophy. It’s a nice touch to the design. The ring weighs about a quarter of a pound.

Championship number three came in 2013 and its ring is the brightest of the bunch. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s quite the accomplishment. A whooping 242 round cut diamonds and 1.5 carats of custom baguette cut diamonds. To commemorate back-to-back championships, the ring’s design features two O’Brien championship trophies, complete with the world “HEAT” placed on top of them.

One may be surprised to learn that Jostens, the company that creates stunning class rings for high school and college graduates, designed all three of the Heat’s championship rings. Jostens has more than 60 years experience in creating unique championship rings for professional teams and athletes. The Heat’s rings clearly reflect this.

Will 2014 bring more diamonds for the Heat?


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