Planning a Bachelorette Party for a Second Marriage

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Yes, it does happen. It happens quite a lot, actually. The first marriage didn’t work out, unfortunately. And you are hoping the second time around is going to be a good one, or, at least, the last time. When planning your party, you don’t want it to be a repeat of the first one. Who wants that! Why not try to spice things up a bit. The first time around you might have hung out with friend and had a pajama party. Some of you might have gone to a strip club. Again, why repeat yourself?!

Here are a few ideas. Some of them might be a little offbeat, but, where’s the fun in being predictable. You could throw a panty party. Now if I need to explain this concept to you, you really need to get out more. If you are a little unsure of what to do, look it up.

Another concept is going skydiving or bungie jumping. Why should the guys have all the fun with this stuff. If you and your best gal pals are into it, then go for it. It’s called taking the plunge, before you take the plunge.

Have something known as a beer party. This is where you and your gal pals go pub crawling. You taste all the different kinds of beer. This may sound like a guy thing, but, women can make it their own too. Why should the guys have all the fun, getting drunk and making a fool of themselves. Women are just as capable, if not more so. Have some fun with it. Whose to say that drinking is a man’s game!

You could also take a child’s party theme and make it one for the adults. The options are endless.

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