Planning a Great Gatsby Wedding

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A wedding is one of the most important events in a bride and groom’s life. It’s an event every couple dreams of so why not place it a cut above the rest with a themed wedding. A Great Gatsby inspired wedding adds style and class and will stand the test of time for years to come. A Great Gatsby wedding is easy to plan and a couple of simple but elegant additions will elevate your wedding from a simple affair to a lavish roaring twenties party of the century.

Art deco came into style in the twenties and infusing this style into various aspects of the wedding will easily transform a room back in time. Start with art deco invitations so the guests know what to expect before they arrive. There are card companies online that will do invitations and table cards as well or whip up some of your own. Don’t forget the table cards as well.

A twenties inspired dress for the bride can also add that Great Gatsby feel to a wedding. Flapper style dresses or a dress with art deco details and romantic silhouettes and long strings of pearls complete the twenties look. Women often wore headpieces in the twenties and hairstyles were generally short. But even for longer hair, finger waves were popular and will give that twenties look.

To extend the look bridesmaids can also wear twenties style dresses and cloche hats which were very popular at the time. Even the flower girl can be a flapper. For the groomsmen, pocket watches, vests and boutonnieres will complete the twenties look.

If it’s in your budget, arrive in style with a vintage limousine, 1920s style. Vintage rentals for flatware and glassware can also be acquired to set the table as Gatsby would. A lavish cake with gold detailing and champagne flowing to the guests will complete the party. Small details such as these will take any ordinary wedding and transform it into a Great Gatsby jazzy affair.

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