Planning a Honeymoon for a Second Marriage

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Just a few short decades ago, second weddings were subdued affairs where the bride wore something pastel and carried an understated bouquet of perhaps one single rose and a fern frond. Receptions were small and short, and the couple usually slunk off to somewhere boring for a brief honeymoon.

Not anymore.

Second marriages are no longer subject to society’s rules about discretion. You’re as free to celebrate your second marriage as you were your first. Want to walk down the aisle in white? By all means, douse yourself in glistening and glimmering white and glide down the aisle to meet your groom.

The same applies to honeymoons. Do you want to celebrate your second marriage with an old-school sojourn to Niagara Falls? By all means, book that reservation. Have you always dreamed of going on a tropical cruise as a newlywed, or perhaps experiencing the African photo safari of your childhood dreams? Always fantasized about an ethereal cruise to Antarctica? Your second honeymoon provides the perfect opportunity to embark on the voyages of your dreams.

The most important aspect of planning a honeymoon for your second marriage is that your choice of destinations should be based on you and your future spouse’s personal preferences and tastes instead of what you think is appropriate in the eyes of society. Go where you want to go.

One of the major benefits of planning a honeymoon for a second marriage is that you’ll probably have significantly more travel funds than you did when you were part of a younger couple just starting out. You and your spouse should go where your hearts take you.

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