Planning a Thanksgiving Wedding

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Tying the knot is a lifelong commitment that many couples embark upon in their lives. There are many things to consider when planning a wedding including the venue, the date, the clothing and the food. A great time of year to get married is Thanksgiving because many guests are available to travel at this time of the year and the weather is perfect for a fall wedding. A Thanksgiving wedding will also make the honeymoon easy to book because it is the slower time of the year for many popular honeymoon destinations.

Planning a Thanksgiving wedding can make life easy on the engaged couple because venues and catering are often easier to secure at his time of year. Family members will find it easier to attend the event as most children are out of school during the Thanksgiving week and many adults are off work at this time as well. The weather is still warm in many locations, which makes the event more comfortable for guests and participants as well. The food can be fun and themed much like this holiday time of year. Dishes containing turkey or other holiday favorites will definitely be a hit with all attending the wedding. Fall flowers are always so beautiful in bouquets to make the wedding even more memorable.

Another great thing to remember about a Thanksgiving wedding is that every year, your holiday season will be even more special. Not only will it be time to celebrate with loved ones but also a time to reflect on your lifelong commitment. Vacations are easy to take at this time of year so anniversary getaways can be scheduled quite simply. If you get married on Thanksgiving, you can enjoy family, true love and turkey as well!

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