Reducing Conflict Diamonds

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Did you know that more than 99% of diamonds are now conflict free?


In 2004 the Kimberley Process cited that 99.8% of the worlds mined diamonds are certified as conflict free diamonds.

We often get questions at the diamond lining about conflict diamonds, so we wanted to let you know some pertinent stats. The Kimberley process certification imposes requirements on its members to ensure that they certify shipments of rough diamonds as conflict free. That means that none of the proceeds from the sale of these diamonds aids conflict in Africa.

For more information on the Kimberley process please visit the following website

Started in May 2000, The Kimberley process now has 49 members representing 75 countries and several governing bodies. The process offers a way to ensure the proceeds from the sale of diamonds remain conflict free. In 2006 review of the Kimberley process verified the effectiveness of the efforts, and offered several actions to enhance the system to ensure transparency and effectiveness.


The Kimberley Process offers consumers, and those of us in the diamond business piece of mind knowing that rough minded diamonds are moral and do not aid conflict.  It is great to know that the beautiful stones that bring so much joy around the world are moral and sustainable.