Resell a Diamond Ring

When you are looking to buy a diamond ring, the options are plentiful, from online sites like to local diamond ring stores, like and Jared’s. But when you are looking to resell a diamond ring it can become a little more complicated. There are always options like the classified advertisements in your local newspaper or posting the diamond on craigslist, but trying to sell your ring directly to another consumer can be a challenging proposition. There is always a little bit of danger involved in dealing with a stranger whom you met online, to the logistical challenge of meeting someone in your town or city and coordinating your schedules.

Where to Resell a Diamond Ring

When you are looking to resell a Diamond Ring you have 3 distinct options:

Pawn Shop:

Selling to a pawn shop can be a little unsettling, and a little intimidating. No one really WANTS to walk into a shop where you know that the proprietor is carrying a concealed weapon. To make matters worse, whoever you are dealing with at the pawn shop certainly isn’t a diamond expert, and is probably going to offer you a low ball price.

Direct to Another Consumer:

At first glance this seems like a decent idea, until you end up spending endless hours responding to span and driving all over town to meet people who don’t actually show up. Does that sound like fun to you?

Selling to a Diamond Expert:

This is hands down your best option (admittedly we are a little bias), but when you sell your ring to a diamond expert you can have confidence that you are receiving the best price, that you will be paid in a prompt manner, and that your transaction will go smoothly. At The Diamond Lining, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and we won’t disappoint.