Reselling A Diamond Ring

Reselling a diamond ring is a great way to make some extra money during these challenging economic times. If you are recently divorced, or have been divorced for decades and just decided to pull the ring out of a drawer, you are making a wise decision. At The Diamond Lining it has been our experience that the vast majority of our customers are much happier with cash in their pocket, or a down payment on a car than with a ring that they never wear, and has some unhappy memories attached to it.

Whether you have something in mind for the money you earn by reselling a diamond ring, or you just want to be rid of the ring, The Diamond Lining can help you quickly and safely sell your ring.

Our process can take as little as a week, and as soon as we receive your ring we will send you a check. It is a hassle free process built around our customers desires to get paid quickly, and make as much money as possible for their ring. Rather than build a retail location and pay rent to service one city, we built a website to keep costs down and service all of North America! The result of our business model is that we have low overhead and are able to pass that saving on to you, the seller! If you would like to make the most money possible when reselling your diamond ring, please fill out our ring submission form and tell us about the diamond ring you would like to resell and we will make you an offer. Easy as pie.