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If you are looking to sell a diamond, then look no further than The Diamond Lining. Our customer service focused process can help you sell your diamond quickly and safely, while making the most money possible for your diamond. We will contact you in 1 business day with an offer for your diamond, letting you know the best price we can pay for your your stone. If you have an questions, we are happy to be able to explain our process, and answer any diamond questions you might have.

Selling a diamond can be a challenging process, so we strive to be as transparent as possible in the service, and the in the prices that we offer. Tell us a little bit about your stone, and we will make you an offer in one business day. Our service is free, and non binding, so you have nothing to loose, go ahead and sell your old diamond today!

Just like when you are buying a diamond the most important thing you can do is educate yourself. In case you have forgotten, below is an explanation of the four C’s that you need to know. Once you know about these four C’s you will know more about your diamond and be able to give the necessary information to a buyer, and know what price you can expect for your ring.

Know the Clarity of the diamond you are selling

Clarity revolves around the number, size and color of inclusions of a stone. Some of them can be visible to the naked eye, others only under a microscope or special lighting. Many times visible inclusions are are cut out of a rough diamonds which is how the shape of the stone starts to take shape. Clarity is measured on a scale which uses acronyms. A couple of examples of these acronyms to measure the clarity of a diamond you are selling are; IF = Internally Flawless, VS 2 = Very Slight Inclusions, SI 1 = Slight Inclusions.

Know the Cut of the diamond you are selling

The cut of a diamond is measured on a fairly straight forward scale. From Ideal, down to Fair the scale indicates the depths and angles of the diamond. The angles have a tremendous impact on the radiance of the stone. If the stone is Ideal, it will appear sparkling, because the light is bouncing inside of the diamond and sparkling back. How the measurements of the stone are transitioned into the scale is more than a little complicated, but it is very important to know where your stone lies on the scale.

Know the Color of the diamond you are selling

The color of a diamond is measured on a letter scale, from D down to X. D represents a colorless stone and an X is a light yellow stone. Much as with measuring the cut of the stone, measuring the color of the stone is technical in nature, but any trained gemologist can fairly easily tell the color of a stone. The color can have a large impact on the value of a stone, so it is important to know the color of the stone.

Know the Carat Weight of the diamond you are selling

The carat weight is pretty straight forward. If can be tricky to weigh a stone that is mounted, but many trained gemologists can make informed guesses that are shockingly accurate, and the naked eye of even an untrained observer can tell the general size of a diamond. The carat weight of a diamond is very important when it comes close to a whole or half diamond increment. for example the difference between a 0.95 carat weight and a 1.01 carat diamond can make a difference of several hundred or even thousands of dollars in value.

Having a Certificate

All of the above factors can be easily verified by having the certification of the diamond you are selling. Most stones have either EGL or GIA certifications which verify all of the 4 C’s. If you don’t have a certification it will probably be worth your time to have a jeweler grade the stone, either formally or informally.

If you are able to provide us with the for C’s of your stone we will be able to give you a very accurate offer for your ring.