Sell My Old Diamond Ring

You don’t have to be a recent divorce to use The Diamond Lining. We purchase Diamond Rings, Diamonds, and all sorts of other Jewelry from consumers on a regular basis.

Estate Jewelry

Even if you didn’t buy the jewelry, we are still interested in buying it from you. If you inherited jewelry or were give it as a gift, The Diamond Lining offers a great way for your to put the diamonds, or at least the money you receive from the diamonds to good use. Take a look in your drawers or in your jewelry box and imagine what you could do with money you make by selling that old estate jewelry.

Broken Jewelry

If you have diamond jewelry, or Gold, Silver or Platinum jewelry that is broken or that you don’t use, we would be more than happy to buy it from you. If you have just one earring, quit lamenting the loss of it’s partner and turn it into cash with The Diamond Lining.

Divorce Your Ring

If you have a wedding or engagement ring from a marriage that didn’t work out, or a broken engagement, we are here to help. If you no longer wear the diamond ring, why let it sit in a drawer collecting dust. The Diamond Lining is a great way to turn your old diamond ring into cash, and enjoy the proceeds.

Make the Decision and Then Take Action

Once you have decided to sell your old ring, weather it is from a divorce, or an estate piece, you should gather as much information about the ring as possible and then sell it. The diamond market fluctuates, just like the stock market does, and it is very challenging for consumers to ‘time the market’. Holding diamonds is rarely a good investment for a an individual, and is even challenging for industry professionals. You are better off selling the diamond, and either spending the money, or investing it into a more traditional asset class that is more broadly understood by consumers and investment professionals.