Should You Reinvent Yourself After a Divorce?

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For many of us, getting a divorce is an end to a chapter of our lives. Once the separation of life and home is complete – in both an emotional and legal sense – neither party is the same person as they were before. Divorce, no matter how mutual, is a loss, a failure, and an opportunity.

There are going to be things about ourselves that we do not like. Getting to the point in a relationship where divorce is the only option often means that both parties have already shed important parts of themselves during the course of the relationship.

We must also understand and take to heart that old adage “you can’t go home again.” While you can certainly regain certain elements of yourself that you had lost or set aside while married, you can never be the person you were before. You have survived new experiences, new stresses, and those all change who we are.

This might seem daunting or even depressing, but it is an opportunity more than anything. This is a new beginning in our lives and as such, is the perfect time to rid ourselves of more than a bad relationship. Have traits or attitudes that you don’t like, habits that you picked up that are maladaptive or otherwise bother you? Use this as an opportunity to better yourself while also starting a new, more positive, and healthy chapter of our lives.
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