Should You Request Gifts for a Second Marriage Wedding?

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To gift or not to gift, that is the question. Typically guests bring wedding gifts for a newly married couple. However, if this is the second time a couple is getting married, gifting them is not always a standard practice.

Tradition implies you are not obligated to buy a gift for a second marriage. This is especially true if you attended the first marriage, and gave a gift at that time. Some people find it appropriate to only give a wedding card with a nice message in it. Other people may include a small present, such as a gift card or money for the new couple. What you give depends on your values and how close you are to the couple.

The age of the couple of a second marriage can also dictate what, if any, gift you decide to give. If it is an older couple who already have a lot of possessions, you may choose to forgo a gift. If it is a younger couple, you may opt to give a small gift.

Some people see giving a gift to the newly married couple is a kind gesture. They think it will reflect well on them. They may also see a wedding as a celebration. Some people follow traditional values, and other people do what makes sense to them.

To gift or not to gift is really a question that only you can answer. If you follow traditional values, you may choose not to give a gift at all. If you follow the beat of your own drum, you may choose to gift the newly married couple. The choice of whether or not to gift a second marriage is up to you to make.

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