Six Vow ideas for a second marriage

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Everything is a little bit more complicated for a second wedding, but there are still ways to make a second wedding as special and unique as possible, filled with romance and love. Creating special vows is a great way to do just that:

  • Nothing takes the past away like the future. I come here today to commit to a better future for both of us as we love, honor and respect each other for so long as we both shall live. I come here to commit to the kind of love we both always wanted but didn’t always have.
  • They say that both love and diamonds are forever. Let’s not forget that diamonds are forged when enormous heat and pressure purifies more ordinary lumps of coal. May our love be like a diamond, purified and made stronger by the stresses to which life subjects it.
  • Commitment the second time around is made with eyes wide open. It is made with a greater understanding of what that commitment entails. It can thus be a stronger vow than one made in the innocence of youth. I take you to be my lawfully wedded wife.
  • Though I was once burned by a love that was merely a flash in the pan, I trust you to be the long, cool drink for which my soul longs. I trust you to salve the wounds of my heart. I give myself to you and I promise to be the salve for your heart as well, always and forever.
  • Life breaks us all and some grow stronger in the broken places. Having had our hearts broken once, love the second time around is all the stronger. Our hearts have been tested and proven resilient. We passed the test and our reward is each other.
  • Each day is a chance for our hearts and our lives to be born anew in love. Today, we come together to pledge our life renewing love to each other for all eternity, in front of family and friends. Today, we get a second chance for our hearts to know the fullness of love.
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