Some Of The Most Famous Diamonds In The World

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Only some of the worlds diamonds are up to about 80% suitable for purposes. The diamonds are also the hardest substance know to man. The only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond. They are actually crystals that are formed out of carbon. Diamonds are evaluated by color, clarity, cut and caratage.

The 10 most famous diamonds in the world are the Dresden diamond which weighs 41 carats and came from India. It’s early history is not known. The diamond is in a pear shape and has a emerald green color. The next is the Hope Diamond it weighs in at 45.52 cart, it is in the Institution in Washington, PH. It first came about in 1830. It has a emerald cut and has very deep blue color.
The Cullinan I, Star of Africa a pear shape and white diamond color and weighs 520.02 carats. It is the largest of the cut diamonds. The Cullinan weighs at 3106 carats over 1 ¼ pounds. The Sancy is 55 carat in the same pear shape. The Tiffany diamond is from the Kimberley mine which is in South Africa. The diamond is 128.51 carats and original cut at 90 facats from Paras. The diamond has a yellow-orange color. The Kohi-noor diamond started about 1304 from an Indian family. This diamond is 191 carat and firey color. The Cullinan IV there are 105 stones and this one was 63.60 Queen Mary wore this on her crown and then on her broach.

The Nasaak weighs about 90 carats laying in the temple of Shiva. The stone was re-cut in New York. It has a round-corner and triangular shape. The Shab this diamond weighs in at 88.70. The Florentine is a yellow diamond and weighs in at 137.27.