Some Unique Shapes Of Diamonds

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Diamonds have continued to increase in popularity over the years. They are an absolute necessity for wedding rings. And are very common in engagement rings. They are also used more often in a variety of other jewellery. With their use becoming more frequent, there is a greater desire for more unusual shapes and cuts of diamonds. It lets the wearer stand out from the crowd. Businesses that deal in diamond cutting have come up with ways to accommodate this demand.

Diamonds lend themselves to a wide variety of shapes. They are created by grinding them into the desired rough shape. Then individual cuts are made to create facets. The facets are flat surfaces that follow the stone’s natural crystalline structure. It’s these facets that provide the sparkle. By placing them in the proper locations, relative to each other, they reflect light back at the observer. Diamond cutters have produced some unique shapes of diamonds over the years. And continue to develop new shapes and styles.

An unusual shape that lends itself well to wedding rings is the heart shape. This pattern is exactly as it sounds. It follows the contours of the classic heart outline. Two rounded mounds at the top. And a tapered bottom. The pear shaped diamond has a similar appearance. But it lacks the indentation at the top. The pie cut possesses a wedge shape with a curve on one side.

Some diamonds have been cut into a pentagonal shape. They have also been made into a hexagonal shape called a firerose. One of the most unusual designs has been the moonglow. This is essentially an eight-sided rosette shape. Although these are uncommon shapes, many have been around for years. Others are fairly recent. But there will be a continuance of new designs well into the future.