The best ways to meet new people after a divorce

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One challenge after a divorce is meeting new people. You want to spread your wings and reinvent yourself, but you feel like everyone in your social circle has some connection with your ex. Starting over isn’t easy, but it can be done.

First of all, you’ve got to get yourself out of your house or apartment. You aren’t going to meet anyone new staying at home! Also, avoid spending too much time socializing on Facebook; you need face to face human connections.

So where do you go once you’re out of the house? Well, you need to participate in group activities. Pick ones that you have a genuine interest in aside from meeting new people. If you like cooking, for instance, take a cooking class. Or, if you’re interested in being more handy, take some home improvement classes at a hardware store. Friendships will follow.

If you have children, that’s a good thing. Take them to sports and play activities where you can socialize with the other parents. You’ll meet new people that way.

Also, don’t worry too much about meeting that new special someone. Avoid spending too much time on Internet dating sites. The best way to meet someone new of the opposite sex is to simply expand your social circle.

Finally, beware of emotional ups and downs! You’re going to be blindsided by feelings of loneliness and frustration. Expect them and know that they’ll go away. You’ve been through worse and survived.
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