The History of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

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Chris Evert Tennis BraceletAlthough the style of the diamond tennis bracelet has existed for years, the jewelry didn’t receive its sports-themed name until a US Open tennis match in the late nineteen-eighties. Tennis star Chris Evert surprised spectators by wearing a piece of jewelry during her match, then drew further attention to it when she lost the bracelet and the game was halted. From that point on, the bracelet was called a diamond tennis bracelet, and the dainty accessories have not waned in popularity since.

Traditionally the diamonds are individually set and placed in a linked row. The diamonds can be set on a narrow strip made of various colored golds, platinum, and silver. The diamonds can be any carat and clarity and, recently, the tennis bracelet design has evolved to include other gems in a similar layout. After Evert’s accident, makers of diamond tennis bracelets began including a chain so that it if the clasp breaks it won’t fall away so easily. Usually the bracelets are worn loosely so that they can move smoothly with the wearer. Most jewelry dealers produce some variation of the bracelet’s design, and it has defied fashion conventions by remaining a staple of jewelry collections for decades.

The simple elegance and versatility of the bracelet makes it suitable to wear with anything from blue jeans to evening gowns and yes, even tennis outfits. Super models, actresses, and athletes have all worn the bracelet at public, professional, and sporting events. The bracelet’s simplistic and beautiful design looks wonderful on anybody, celebrity or otherwise. No matter your budget or personal taste, there is a tennis bracelet to fit your lifestyle. Classic yet adaptable, the diamond tennis bracelet is sure to remain a fashion favorite for many years to come.

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