The latest trend in diamond engagement rings

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While the classic and elegant brilliant cut solitaire diamond will always hold a place of honor as a preferred engagement ring style, a new generation of rings is here. The latest trends in engagement rings make singular statements about the style and personality of the lucky women sporting them.

The tasteful sparkle of a larger stone rimmed by a collection of smaller stones in setting with a vintage appeal is a winner. This halo setting is often accented with even more small stones lining the band.

Settings that position an oblong stone to run sideways across the finger are coming into their own. This unique setting emphasizes the size of the stone.

There has been an increase in artistic expression in the form of bands with unique twists and turns or floral filigree designs. Bands also have customized finishes including etched or pebbled surfaces.

Color is another new addition to today’s engagement rings. It can make an appearance through a variety of colored metals like rose gold, or through different high quality gemstones, often mixed in with traditional diamonds.

With an exciting mix of old and new, today’s engagement rings combine vintage with artistic and contemporary for a unique generation of the traditional symbol of enduring love.