Tips to Make a Second Wedding Feel Unique

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The second marriage needs to be as special and unique as the first one. Second weddings should be carried out very differently from the first wedding so it can leave as a unique memory to each of the spouses. Brides may wear wedding dresses in different colors other than white such as ivory or pink with cute designs. Grooms may wear differently styled suits or tuxedos. In addition, bridesmaids may select their own style of dresses to wear.

In order for a second wedding to be unique from the first wedding for each spouse, the date and location needs to be special for the couple. That special day can be the first date, the special day of engagement or any other special day for the couple. Most first weddings will be held in churches and therefore, second weddings will provide the opportunity to couples to have their weddings at beautiful places where they can have their honeymoon such as tropical beaches and cruise ships.

When it comes to the size of the guest list, the weddings will be more meaningful if the guest list is a lot shorter for the second wedding to only include close relatives and friends. Usually, second weddings will include children of either spouses that may be the flower girl or the ring bearer. The reception can even be handled the second time around as the couple forget about the bouquet toss and enjoy a reception with close friends and family at a restaurant.

Decorations for a second wedding tend to be less formal than the first. When it comes to decorating the second wedding, the decorations may be very simple to emphasize more on the ceremony or it may include very personalized items. Special items especially for second weddings include family unit candle, personal ring bearer pillows, unique wedding programs, or wedding pins.

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