Top 5 Movies Diamonds

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Some of the best and most popular movies available on the market today involve either searching for diamonds, stealing diamonds, or the legend of a diamond. People never seem to get tired of the idea that diamonds are priceless and what great extents other people are willing to go through to come into possession of some them selves.

Pink Panther:
This hilarious movie starring Steve Martin, is about a coach of a France soccer team that is murdered and has his Pink Panther diamond ring stolen. The movie is about the search the missing diamond ring.

Diamonds are Forever:
This film is one of many James Bond movies starring Sean Connery. The movie is about James Bond going on a journey undercover as a diamond smuggler that ultimately prevents his long time enemy from building a laser with an exuberant amount of diamonds.

Blood Diamond:
Leonardo DeCaprio and Jennifer Connelly both star in this film that is about Leonardo’s character going on a quest to find a priceless diamond that has been successfully hidden somewhere in Sierra Leone.

A Fish Called Wanda:
This movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis, is about a group of people who get together to rob and steal millions of dollars worth of diamonds, then turn against each other in the end to try to have the stolen diamonds for them selves.

This movie starring Kurk Douglas is a story about a man who goes on a long journey to find thirteen missing diamonds, and to discover whether the diamonds are real, or legend.

There are a ton of movies involving stories of lost diamonds, diamond legends, and diamond robberies available on the market today, but the five movies listed above are the most famous and memorable of them all. Diamonds are an undying pleasure.

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