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Adoption isn’t a topic that everyone is comfortable writing about, it can be highly personal, and all to often is viewed skeptically. We have collected a set of logs hat address the highs and lows of adoption from all different perspective, including that of a mother who gave her child up for adoption. The winning blogs, listed below with a brief description of their content and voice, all contain excellent, well written and highly informative content. If you are thinking about adoption, interested in the topic, or just want to take a look at some excellent blogs, please browse our list of winning blogs.

The 2013 Five Diamond Top Adoption Blogger Winners:

China Adopt Talk
It’s short on frills and visual appeal, but China Adopt Talk is a treasure trove of information, breaking news, and government regulation changes for anyone thinking of adoption. With an exhaustive table of contents that neatly stacks everything you’ll ever need to know to adopt a Chinese child, get agency referral information, or simply shop for baby clothes or children’s books in Mandarin, you’ll be reassured by the depth and breadth of the data on this site. It’s a one-stop shop for hopeful parents-to-be.

Creating a Family
Creating A Family is a blog that offers information on ways to begin a family when you’re having trouble getting pregnant. Aside from a blog, they also host an hour long radio show focused on issues related to infertility and adoption. The founders are very devoted to what they do, and they have been recognized with awards, including an excellence in adoption award and an international fertility media award.

Rage Against the Minivan
For parents who are looking for a resourceful blog that offers information on parenting, adoption, and how to raise children in today’s day and age, Rage Against The Minivan is a great site. The author offers some great and unique insight into adoption, and she has been writing since 2006, so the blog archives is a wealth of well written and enjoyable posts.

Busy Mommy
Busy Mommy is about the life of the Emily and her young family. Emily and her husband TJ had a baby their junior year of college. Now in their mid 20s they start on the journey of expanding their family through adoption. They begin to realize that the strength of their faith is going to be very important during this journey.

Kimchi Mamas
Kimchi Mamas is a fantastic blog for Korean readers and those wanting to learn more about Korean culture. This blog focuses on information regarding the importance of Korean tradition and the difficulties that can arise when juggling a family in today’s modern times. Furthermore, readers can find tons of insightful information into how to show their family Korean traditions that range from food, to art, to clothing and more.

Forever Parents
Adoption parents and those who are considering adoption will enjoy the support community that has been built on the blog, Forever Parents. The blog gives plenty of helpful information, as well as heartwarming stories to make parents feel comfortable with their adoption decision. Furthermore, it offers helpful pointers and insight into adoption options and methods, including embryo adoption, adopting outside of your race, foreign adoption, and much more.

Adoption in the City
Adoption In The City is a very touching blog written by a mother that chose to give her child up for adoption. Although she chose an open adoption she faces many of the same struggles of other birth mothers and some unique struggles. Insightful and open, children of adoption and other birth mothers will likely find a friend in the honest writing and emotional outpouring that colors this blog. This is a perspective that is rarely covered in blogs, and that serves to makes this site unique and important.

Sea Glass & Other Fragments
Sea Glass and Other Fragments written by Rebecca Hawkes is a thought provoking, touching, and sometimes lighthearted blog about Rebecca’s life as an adopted child. She frequently writes about the struggles that come with adoption and openly speaks about her own search for her biological family. In between she offers some small tidbits that help show the world she is just another woman living her life. It’s the humanity in her writing that keeps most readers coming back.

Production Not Reproduction
In her blog Production Not Reproduction, Heather talks about her families decision to adopt. She has a writing style which is entertaining as she reports about her family life and the open adoption of their three children. She also provides a link to her husbands blog where he writes about the same subject from the perspective of the father. Combined the two blogs offer a fascinating insight into a family.

Lavender Luz
Lavender Luz was started by Lori Holden, who is also familiar with her fans as Lori Lavender Luz. She loves the senses that lavender evokes, from it’s gentle feel and nurturing nature. She has a gentle side that is passionate about yoga, relaxation, and spreading her support for open adoption practices. She is the author of The Open Hearted Way to Adoption, a book where she shares who own personal experience answering her daughter’s questions about adoption.

See Theo Run
Open adoptions can bring about many hurdles for the parties involved. Those looking for information and insight into the process can look to the See Theo Run blog as a first-person account from parents who have a child from open adoption. The site offers the beautiful upbringing of the child, in the form of pictures and stories, but also many helpful hints for what may come with the adoption process.

The Eyes of My Eyes are Opened
The Eyes Of My Eyes Are Open is a blog by a woman and mom that has been through many life-changing events. She fell in love with her soul mate, married him, tried for children and miscarried, got cancer, worked her way through it and started trying for a family again. They finally decide to adopt two beautiful children from Ethiopia and this blog explains her feelings on her family and life as the days ago by.

About the Five Diamond Top Blogger Awards

The Diamond Lining culled through thousands of blogs to bring you the absolute best blogs in 10 different categories. The opinions expressed here are our own, but they are the result of hundreds of hours of research. Please spend some time browsing our winning blogs, and if there is a blog that we missed, we are already accepting nominations for our 2014 awards!

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