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There are a lot of beauty blogs floating around the internet. We visited almost all of them, and here is our list of the top beauty blogs. Each and every one of these blogs is well written and unique, but perhaps most importantly, they winners all contain a little something extra. Either a great sense of humor, or a really unique spin on what is beautiful. Click around this list and we are confident that you will find interesting, confident and informative blogs that are much more than skin deep.

The 2013 Five Diamond Top Beauty Blogger Winners:

Glitter. Gloss. Garbage
Before you hit that high-end cosmetics counter, make sure you first hit Glitter. Gloss. Garbage, a nifty blog by April Coleman that’s geared to keep you current on the beauty scene. With cosmetic reviews, collection previews, and tips for using and storing products, GGG will save you time (that you can use to read her posts) when you make your Walgreens run. There are some interactive features that make the site feel personal—like giveaways and a Question of the Day page that lets you ask about products and beauty advice—but best of all is its trustworthy and familiar vibe.

The Small Things Blog
The Small Things is a blog about all the small things in life that seem so trivial but are in actuality details that make life go around. From a typical Friday at home to beauty and fashion tips, this blog features a little bit of everything that people might have questions about.

Beauty 411 is the blog that you want to tell you EVERYTHING you may need to know about the latest in skin care, cosmetic tips and how to precede with weight loss. This blog has expanded to include reviews on the newest skin care and makeup products, while offering tips and techniques to achieve the look you want from smoldering dark eyes in the evening to a natural daytime shimmer making your skin glow and your eyes pop.

Canadian Beauty Blog
Allowing this blog’s title to mislead you would be a fretful mistake; this blog isn’t just for Canadians! This blog not only has reviews of a variety of beauty products and treatments, it also reviews spas and salons, fashions events, and other miscellaneous topics (such as recipes and movies). The blog is attractive, well-organized, regularly updated and highly informative. Articles are accompanied by related images and videos for additional information.

Hot Beauty Health
For a guide to everything from summer fashion to skin care, go to Hot Beauty Health. Browse their articles on yoga, fashion, and different ways to celebrate the summer holidays for a comprehensive look at beauty that applies to your own life. Come for the beauty tips, leave with much more.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic
15 Minute Beauty Fanatic by blogger Christine stakes her claim to fame as a “product junkie” that’s addicted to make-up, style and appearances. A Midwest PICU doctor with a daughter has originated her methods to “quick, fast and hurry” style of “getting dressed” while in the end looking fantastic! The blog has received a number of awards from different stylish organizations including nabbing an endorsement from Fabbo.

Blushing Noir
Blushing Noir is a beauty and beauty product review blog written by a stay at home mom by the name of Brook, who by her own admittance is beauty product obsessed. Although many of the products she reviews come from MAC, Dior, and Chanel Brook delivers 100% honesty about the experiences she has with any product, offering readers a unique look at everything from eye-shadow to nail polish.

Pammy Blogs Beauty
Pammy Blogs Beauty is a perfect resource for those who are looking to get fashionable tips and insight about trends. Not only does this site tell you what is hot in makeup, but it also will inform you of makeup application techniques, how to get a certain style, what colors work well with each other, as well as the occasional information on sales and deals on popular makeup brands.

Sugar Laws is a blog that features information about the latest in fashion, food and fun. There are pictures of the most recent fashions as well as videos and book information. Each description gives details that create a vision in your mind while viewing the picture of what she is describing.

Afrobella goes against the grain and promotes embracing the regular kinks and curves of your natural locks. This blog provides product reviews and discussions on culture and its affect on appearance. Also notable is the heavy influence of music on the blog. There are interviews provided with a variety of women with no specific traits. The author of this blog has a great section for submitting questions and she readily responds to her readers.

Beauty Junkies Unite
A site for all things Beauty Full is an opinion based website run by self proclaimed beauty junkie Amber. It is chock full of product reviews and advice on any and everything beauty related from acne to anti-aging to hair color and style ideas, there is certainly something there for everyone. There is also a giveaways section for you to earn a chance to win cool products.

Beauty and Fashion Tech
For changing trends in makeup and fashion, the Beauty And Fashion Tech blog is a perfect place to find everything you need for the current season. This blog will help you match your accessories, clothes and makeup, into one fashionable style that others will be sure to envy. The blog also gives information into individual brands, which can be helpful for those who have specific needs for their desired makeup.

55 Secret Street
55 Secret Street is a great resource for fashion, makeup, news and more. The blog offers many current fashion trends that are set by some of the most influential women and men in the spotlight today, as well as how readers can attain many of these fashionable looks. A bonus is the ‘Delicious’ section, which offers healthy and tasty treats that readers can even make on their own.

Pretty Connected
This blog is a winner, plain and simple. Lara does an excellent job of blogging about beauty, fashion, and social events with an eye towards actionable and useful content. But she manages to do this without compromising or being too low-brow. Her style posts are excellent, and reviews are thoughtful, and best of all, she hosts some of the best giveaways that we have seen anywhere online!

About the Five Diamond Top Blogger Awards

The Diamond Lining culled through thousands of blogs to bring you the absolute best blogs in 10 different categories. The opinions expressed here are our own, but they are the result of hundreds of hours of research. Please spend some time browsing our winning blogs, and if there is a blog that we missed, we are already accepting nominations for our 2014 awards!

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