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Let’s face it, dating can be challenging, especially as an adult. Gone are our college days where find a date for the weekend was like shooting fish in a barrel. Once you mature, dating, and maintaining a relationship takes a little more work and thoughtfulness. The blogs we identified as the best dating blogs out there on the internet are all tailored at adults who are dating, or in new relationships.
Some of these blogs are cautionary tales, some offer advice, and some just offer another person’s experience, allowing you to feel a little better about your one adventures. A mix of insight and humor, passion and experience, we are confident that if your browse through these blogs you will be entertained, informed, and perhaps a little better at dating!

The Five Diamond Top Dating Blogger Winners:

Baggage Reclaim
We all know dating and relationships are difficult at best, but when you can see the humor and absurdity of it all—and realize you aren’t alone in all the bad choices you make—it somehow eases that out-of-control feeling. Baggage Reclaim, a gem of a blog by Natalie Lue offers books, courses, advice and everything you’ll need to survive the dating war zone. Best of all her posts are peppered with witty, original mantras and drawings that you can pin on Pinterest or post on the fridge to remind you to cut yourself some slack.

Naked With Sox On
This popular blog offers helpful hints on relationships and is full of advice and stories from people who are struggling in their relationship. Furthermore, there is a great podcast that listeners can tune into to get even more insight and information. This blog’s popularity continues to grow and is worth checking out.

Single Mom Seeking
Rachel uses her 10 years as a single mom to give practical advice to those women going through the same thing. Single Mom Seeking is full of inspiring stories and wonderful tips on dating as a single mom and even getting remarried. Although she’s recently married, her mission is still to help single mom’s navigate life and show everyone how to live a sustainable life.

Dating Goddess
This blog, written by the Dating Goddess, is crammed full of insights, advice, and inspiration. Focused on those dating after 40, she helps women navigate through the twists and turns of reentering the dating world. She’s turned her lessons from dating 113 men after her 20-year marriage ended, into 13 books on the topic. She even offers a free ebook on her site. Her writing is fun, informative and inspirational.

Notes from the Dating Trenches
Women, and men, who are looking to get helpful information into dating and relationships, should look to the blog content posted by Kelly Seal. Not only does the author consider herself and expert of the dating game, but she backs it up with tons of helpful insight and information. Furthermore, she has links to videos that are very helpful for those who need help with their current dating techniques.

Balancing Jane
Life is a balancing act that requires specific attention to each element of your life. This is perfectly demonstrated in Balancing Jane, a blog about how to round out your life with fitness, art, music, work, family, love and more. The author lends her insight from an educated and fair point of view and has a bit of information that can be considered useful by a variety of potential readers, but the content is particularly germane to adult daters, who can sometimes struggle to balance all aspect of their life when looking for love.

Dating Advice From a Girl
Dating Advice From A Girl is a very helpful resource for Christians that are searching for someone special. It offers honest and realistic advice for men and women. The many articles that are available to read can answer all, or at least most, questions someone might have about finding that special person. Also, it provides sound advice on how to build lasting relationships.

Fieldwork in Stilettos
Fieldwork in Stilettos, run by Kat Richter, is an entertaining blog surrounding the mystifying world of relationships, love and dating. Kat discusses traveling and anthropology, both things she is experienced in, and more hot discussion topics, such as abortion and racism. Available on the blog is also the detailed account of her own dating experiment consisting of 30 men in less than a year. Kat is warm and friendly, making Fieldwork in Stilettos an inviting blog to read.

Simply Solo
Break-ups are rough–especially when a long-term relationship comes to an end and you find yourself… solo. How do you cope after falling out of love? Need some good break-up songs? Advice on updating your Facebook stats? SimplySolo is all about learning to embrace and celebrate the single life. Share what you’ve learned with others that have experienced the same heartache but continue to find empowerment and happiness on their own.

Funky Brown Chick
An innovative and energetic approach to sex, relationship, culture, and soccer is a breath of fresh air. Funky Brown Chick offers adult education that provides advice, safety, and tips on a healthy sexual lifestyle as well as personal and professional relationships. The integration of sexuality within cultures is roused through most forms of art and entertainment. The international sport soccer brings about the sex appeal of the hottest men with enormous talent.

Loves A Game
A breakup can be hard and Loves A Game is there to give you a shortcut to recovery. The blog shows you how to heal from the breakup, improve and grow, and find the right person for you. A free book titled 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Want Your Ex Back is offered to help you to move on. Break up, as well as relationship advice, is available. Dating advice and self-improvement tips will help you to find yourself again.

Blog With Benefits
Do you find yourself in some weird relationship scenarios? Maybe you have gone through a crazy break up. You might even be asking yourself if there is something terribly wrong with you because you are just plain single. Blog With Benefits gives you advice, stories, confessionals, lists, videos, and more for you to relate to and feel good about it. You even have a chance to get involved with and share with others like you. If you haven’t, this site is definitely worth checking out.

Lisa Shields
If you are tired of looking for love in all the wrong places, dating coach Lisa Shiled can help. She has been named to the top 100 dating coach list. She has helped hundreds of clients gain confidence in themselves and a new understanding of their potential partners. Her website offers valuable insight into surviving and being successful in the dating world.

I Hate 2 Date
I Hate 2 Date is a blog about a woman’s various experience within the online dating circuit. Reminiscent of some of the horrendously bad dates of the shows of Mary Tyler Moore fame from the 70’s, this blog describes the various characters that this individual has encountered. This blog takes a fresh and relevant look at many of the pitfalls that dating individuals encounter.

The Dating Blog
Dating can be difficult, but Ms.Dating Consultant can help. Advice on how and where to meet a potential partner will aid you in finding someone with your same interests. And with different date ideas, how to end a date ideas, and dating after divorce, all your dating needs will be covered. Also included in the dating blog is relationship advice to help you and your partner open up to each other.

The Single Mom’s Dating Diary
The Single Mom’s Dating Diary offers hilarious, fun and at rare time’s heartbreaking stories about the dating and parenting experiences of a 40-something single mom of two stuck in the suburbs. This mom’s dating dairy shares the lessons she has learned over the past five years of dating since her divorce. Mom is trying to find the love of her life all while raising two teenage boys into incredible young men, working two jobs, volunteering and taking care of the family pet.

About the Five Diamond Top Blogger Awards

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