Top Diamonds Trends in 2012

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Diamonds have been a highly desired fashion accessory for thousands of years, dating back to ancient India. The sparkle, the clarity, and the almost ethereal look to them have drawn in countless admirers, who often use the gems as a status symbol, a way to say “I love you”, or a fashion statement. Over the years, diamonds have been a beautiful accent to jewelry, outfits, and even used in cosmetics. In 2012, diamonds were a highly popular trend that took off, and look to be even more popular in 2013! Here are three of the diamond trends we saw in the year 2012, from Hollywood to the runway to main street.

1. Raw Diamonds
“Raw” or natural diamonds have been all the rage in 2012. These diamonds are often kept in their natural state, uncut, to give an interesting cloudy quartz-like appearance in contrast with the clear, exposed diamond facets. Raw diamonds found their way in many accessories and fashion rings in 2012.

2. Diamond Accessories
In 2012, diamonds were included in just about everything, including decoration for things like cell phone cases and iPad accessories. Many wealthy fashionistas decked out their favorite pieces of tech with diamonds, or sported bangles and arm cuffs studded with diamonds.

3. Cosmetics
Kelly Osbourne made headlines this year when she posted a picture of her $250,000 black diamond manicure on Twitter. The manicure used a famous line of nail polish that includes crushed black diamonds as one of the ingredients. Controversy arose over the garish amount of money spent on such a small purchase. Many other cosmetics lines included crushed diamonds in their primers, eye serums, and other products.

4. Color Diamonds
Diamonds of different colors also became popular. 2012 saw the rise in popularity of “chocolate” diamonds, with a brown tint, as well as “rose” diamonds with a pink hue to them and blue diamonds in place of gemstones like topaz and sapphire.

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