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Fashion is one part art, one part science, and one part perspiration.

It can be exhausting trying to keep up with the newest trend or color, so we dug, sorted and filtered all of the fashion blogs that we could find in order to give you a reliable list of taste-makers, and trend-spotters.

The blogs that were won our coveted five diamond award contain beautiful images, eloquent prose, and useful insight. In many cases, the blog themselves are quite beautify! All of the blogs and bloggers have a personal sense of style and a perspective that we found unique and compelling. Enjoy!

The Five Diamond Top Fashion Blogger Winners:

Marian Kihogo
More than just fashion-based, Marian Kihogo melds design, culture, and beauty with form and function, and she frames her colorful imagery with poetic posts that inspire, seek and dare you to not comment. It’s almost impossible not to want to voice your thoughts since the blog is big, bold and fun to poke around in—and has something for everyone. Whether you’re a fashionista or a film lover, you won’t find a better way to spend an hour than by getting blissed out on this homage to all things beautiful.

Not Dead Yet Style
Fashionista’s and those interested in elements of couture will love the information presented on the Not Dead Yet Style blog. Not only does the author lend her own advice into clothing styles throughout the year, but members can also upload images of their style choice for the time of year. No matter your preference in style, this is a great place to be for fashion advice and tips.

Mrs. Lilien
Of the thousands of blogs we revived for these awards, we were particularly attracted to this blog because Mrs. Lilien offers amazing tips and ideas for stylish entertaining and decor. Mrs. Lilien provides some of the best ideas on the Internet, and her video section is incredibly engaging. The blog’s design is the cherry on top!

Already Pretty
Already Pretty is an amazing site for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, careers, and social statuses. A group of well rounded ladies have come together to introduce this website as a way to help other women with their body image and issues pertaining to it. Not only do they offer words of encouragement, but they also provide fashion advice for the everyday woman in a way that uplifts and inspires them to be the best they can be.

Mischief My Dear
Mischief My Dear, also known as Dramatis Personae, is a fashion and lifestyle blog written for the woman with big goals who wants to look stylish. This blog discusses everything the many ways to wear a beaded top to fashion trends like popular colors and functional bags. The blog also offers a great weekly roundup that can keep you up to date on all of the fashion news in a one place.

Need a daily dose of something dreamy and indulgent, but more practical (and thigh-friendly) than sweets? Head to the ultra-feminine Journelle blog to discover an inspiring collection of gorgeous lingerie and interior design. Your ever-evolving style may be bohemian-chic today, nautical tomorrow, and high-fashion into next week, but this blog can keep up and presents the loveliest lingerie alongside worthy design.

My Love Affair With Fashion
The blog, My Intimate Affair With Fashion provides tips on fashion, beauty, stylish living, healthy living and finding inner confidence. The author, Dawn Del Russo is a TV Fashion and Lifestyle Expert, Author and On-Air Personality. She has authored a book, 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle. The writing is crisp and the topics are well curated. This is a must read for those interested in fashion.

Fashion Toast
Above all else, Fashion Toast offers fashion advice. Offered in the new style of images only, this blog shies away from selfies, and takes a decidedly more professional approach. Although the outfits might be a little fashion forward for some readers, the none the less offer some great insight into apparel and accessories that are popular.

Sea of Shoes
Jane Aldridge’s Sea Of Shoes is ultimate style guide for young fashionistas with a budget to match their ambitions. While aptly named for Jane’s amazing designer shoe collection, the blog covers fashion, home decor and travel. Jane’s amazing sense of style comes through in every aspect of her blog, it’s a must read for anyone interested in the latest fashions.

The Neo-Traditionalist
Katie Armor needs no introduction to anyone. She is the editor and co-founder of Matchbook Magazine. Her look is sleek, chic, simple and very professional. She has a new pixie cut, she loves peonies, and she definitely loves her pet pug, Alfred. Ms. Armour is also involved with the new digital webstagrams. In 2009, she started The Neo-Traditionalist to talk about the things that she loves the most in life. Other people share her love of life with The Neo-Traditionalist. They say that this new digital feed allows all of them to share each other’s creativity projects or unique works, different cultures can share a common bond with someone else, unique but different sound techniques and allows others to debut unique and spectacular images of other individual’s passions; we agree.

Les Anti-Modernes
Les Anti-Modernes is a blog on personal style, but it is more collective than most of the image based fashion blogs. The editor posts images, quotes and brief reviews about trending fashion items. The work is all original and has a extremely refined yet accessible aesthetic. Best of all, there is a robust essentials section full of classical yet modern pieces, and links about where to buy them. This site is part fashion blog, part personal shopper!

The Coveted
The Coveted is a blog all about fashion. Clothes come in many different shapes and styles and are as unique as we are, and this blog celebrates the many unique styles that clothing can take. The Coveted touches on such things as shoes, sweaters, purses and handbags, and a variety of other important clothing styles. If you are into the latest styles and fashions, this blog is for you!

Inside Out Style
Imogen Lamport is the brilliant author of the fun fashion blog Inside Out Style. The blog discusses the latest fashion trends and beauty issues while also offering valuable advice to readers about what to wear, how to dress, and how to combat some age old fashion predicaments such as comfort vs. fashion. Her witty commentary makes every entry fun to read and her hands-on approach makes every solution relatable.

Make Do Style
The Make Do Style blog was started as a pure indulgence in 2006 by a fashion journalist who has a passion for style. Her blog keeps other enthusiasts of the girly side of fashion in tune with her findings of original and merging trends. She also incorporates her own personal style by showing new takes on projects and her own inspired craft ideas. She is regularly posting fresh inspirational photos and articles about scarves, shoes, handbags, home gardening and much more.

Silver Girl
Silver Pool Of Light Girl is an informative fashion blog. Included are photos of the blogger wearing different styles depending on the day and the activities of that day. Listed are the stores where you can find the various outfits and accessories. Also included are interesting things that may have happened throughout the blogger’s day. For the fashion minded women, this blog is for you.

Couture Carrie
Couture Carrie is a blog that features posts about the latest fashions for women as well as accessories that can be used with a variety of outfits. She also discusses tips on how to apply makeup as well as the best kind of makeup to use for different skin types.

Eat Style Play
Eat Style Play is a popular blog run by a 20-something DC native who just so happens to view pop culture through a unique lens. The author covers fashion and culture, but doesn’t shy away from hard hitting topics like race in America. The blog is a great comprehensive view on a variety of topics, and all of the posts are well written, crisp and unique!

About the Five Diamond Top Blogger Awards

The Diamond Lining culled through thousands of blogs to bring you the absolute best blogs in 10 different categories. The opinions expressed here are our own, but they are the result of hundreds of hours of research. Please spend some time browsing our winning blogs, and if there is a blog that we missed, we are already accepting nominations for our 2014 awards!

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