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There is no manual for parenting, but if there were one, it would probably be a blog. No task is more challenging nor more rewarding, and our 2013 winning Parenting Blogs cover both extremes. We collected as many blogs that cover highly diverse topics, from advice about dealing with unique children to how to have fun on a family vacation, there is a blog post about just about every parenting topic you could think of somewhere in our list of winners.

The 2013 Five Diamond Top Parenting Blogger Winners:

Pistols and Popcorn
Pistols + Popcorn is the awesome blog by harried mom Jodi Nelson Call that meshes momhood with marriage, living in the city, and everything that comes with giving birth and giving up all those fun things you used to have time to do. The weblog was the 2009 Nickelodeon Parents’ Pick winner and the Bloggies “Best-Kept Secret” awardee, and Nelson Call’s clever take on everything from trying to be supermom to fun things to do with the kids in the Big Apple will have you clicking the “bookmark” icon.

Actually Mummy
The blog Actually Mummy is written by Helen Wills on a variety of topics such as recipes and children’s book reviews. The blog started in 2011 as an online diary for their young daughter GG (our Glib Girl). In addition to GG’s diary, Helen now writes some blogs on her opinions on parenting topics. This is a well-rounded and insightful parenting blog worth a read.

From Dates to Diapers
From Dates To Diapers is written by a married mother of seven children. The blog made our list because it is so well rounded. It includes ideas for vacations to different states that the author and her family have traveled to, including fun sites to see for both adults and children. Also included in the blog are: activities to do as a family, mom fashion advice, and great family activities. You will see different ways you can play with your children, while teaching them valuable life lessons as well. The is a great repository of fun family ideas.

Mama of 3 Munchkins
Mama Of 3 Munchkins is a blog created by writer Ty Watson, who’s no stranger to receiving awards for written work. Watson slated as a “social savvy chick” is passionate about family, financial freedom, and has worked years at a number of corporations, but since changed her focus, to helping other parents achieve happiness. Ty Watson also draws focus upon other areas such as product reviews, recipes, home makeovers, and contest and giveaways to boot.

Girl’s Gone Child
Rebecca Woolf created Girls Gone Child, a personal blog documenting pre-marital life with children, to now married with children and as Girls Gone Child blog increases its visual acceptance with the use of stunning photography of her life, she pierces her own veil, as a brave and cunning new mom. Woolf has been blogging since 2005 receiving notoriety and was the Lifetime Achievement finalist of 2011 featured by This site is well written and the content is easily digestible, including a lot of video.

The Good Mother Project
The Good Mother Project was created so that real mothers could share their experiences from their daily lives and other things they are thinking about. This includes information about clothing, finding new love and even recipes. There are a variety of different topics here that are discussed from many different mothers, including posts about some more controversial topics for women.

Cool Mom Picks
Being a mom is a 24/7 job. At times it leaves little to no room to spend hours searching for fabulous finds. Well look no further Cool Mom Picks take the pressure off. Editors Kristen Chase an Liz Gumbinner  track down interesting finds ranging from whimsical art work, maternity clothing, baby shower gifts,  and toys .  Best of all this blog takes special interest in indie products, boutiques and women based business.

Design Mom
Like a book that you can’t put down, this blog captures you. Gabrielle has cornered the market on designs from homemaking to clothing, to designing your lifestyle! Design Mom is broad and delivers something for everyone, yet you can’t guess what she will say next. The images and design are extremely high quality, exactly what you would expect from a glossy magazine but with the niche focus of savvy mom. Her posts are excellently written, easy to read, and very visually pleasing. For design and aesthetic ideas, look no further.

At Mom Dot you will find a number of different topics. From traveling with kids to different brand reviews all the way to vacation homes. This married mother extensively reviews products and offers revealing first hand feedback. But perhaps the best part of this blog is the absolutely adorable pictures of her kids!

Table for Five
Suburban mom Elizabeth Edwards shares her insight on parenting, networking and blogging. Parents will get some useful tools to help navigate being a mom, such as healthy meal ideas. Table4Five visitors will receive thoughtful product reviews on some of the biggest household brands. In conjunction with product reviews, there are a host of special offers from online companies such as Also, valuable blogging networking information is available.

The tagline for Beccarama is balancing motherhood, a tech startup and life in NYC. Some of the topics covered on the blog are events for kids in NYC, education and travel. The travel tab includes trips they have been on in US (including Disney), Paris and Italy.

Busy Mom
The Busy Mom blog has posts about all of the things that have happened in this woman’s life. There are posts about this mother’s children, including posts about when her daughter went to college and even ways that other mothers could save money. Some of her children also play sports, and there are some posts about the travels she has taken to those sporting events.

2 Wired 2 Tired
2 Wired 2 Tired is a family focused blog written by a stay at home mom by the name of Tesa. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Tesa and her husband have two young kids and in their spare time enjoy bogging about family life, traveling, technology, and more. We’re not the only ones who enjoy this blog, Tesa received several other distinctions for her writing distinctions, including the #2 spot in the top 50 list of the best parenting blog by BlogRank.

Two Of A Kind
This colorful blog is written by a married mother of three. This blog is full of great content including product reviews, giveaways, recipes and parenting techniques that have helped this blogger with her own children. . For you and your family’s enjoyment there are games that are fun for both children and adults. Before the dog days of summer roll around, check out this blog for great activities and ideas.

A Happy Hippy Mom
A Happy Hippy mom is a wonderful and comprehensive parenting blog. Don’t be fooled by the name, it isn’t all about tie-dye and Ben and Jerrie’s’ Ice Cream. Offering everything from product reviews and recipes to giveaways and entertainment, A Happy Hippy Mom embraces green living, nature, peaceful solutions, and healthy living all while managing life with kids. Visit us for helpful solutions for everyday meals, product reviews, money saving tips, and giveaways. Find your inner peace amid chaos by finding simple solutions for your family today!

Busy At Home
In this blog, a mother of five offers her unique blend of advice on parenting, homeschooling, gardening and frugality among other topics. The best part of this blog is how actionable the advice is. This blog was started over 4 years ago, and as a result has hundreds of pages and posts filled with wonderful insight and advice. It is a valuable resource for all things parenting.

Jolly Mom
The Jolly Mom is another great blog about a woman’s adventures into being a wife and mother in today’s world. Part relationship blog, part parenting blog, and part a Julia Child blog, “The Jolly Mom” is aptly named. She notes that her “last name is Jolly, and I’m not always jolly but I try to be!” This wonderfully-eclectic blog has various family photos and recipes as well!

Baby Loving Mama
Baby Loving Mama is a really great website for all mothers, but it targets the stay at home mother web surfer. Three women who have given up their careers to stay at home with their young children. They have come together to create this amazing mommy community of reviews, recipes, gift guides, giveaways, crafts, and fun things to do while highlighting family and home life.

The Shopping Mama
This is one of the ore niche blogs that we chose as a top blog for 2013, but that is because of the incredible depth of the reviews and insight that The Shopping Mama provides. We highly recommend checking out the 365 section for an absolutely adorable picture of the day of the Mama’s well styled kids.

Happily Blended
Happily Blended is a family blog with information about how to save money, how to stay safe and general topics that are important to members of the family. Graphics and charts are included in the posts by the author, and there are reviews about services that the family has used. A must read for anyone with an unorthodox family.

Crazy Adventures in Parenting
The Crazy Adventures of Parenting follows the life of Army wife Lisa Douglas as she raises her seven children and adjusts to life in the south. She has an amazing grasp on what it takes in order to survive life. In her book, coffee and a lot of it is her number one secret!

Lindsay Blogs
From the desires of would-be Hollywood princesses to reviews on the hottest movies that spark the intrigue of women everywhere, Lindsay Blogs are a refreshing take on a host of present-day pomp and trivia. Combined with a down-home sensibility, this blog provides its readers with unique viewpoints mixing real world attitude and red carpet media details which seem to touch upon the majority of social discussion and interaction. This blog is the perfect blend of ordinary thought, and a bit of Hollywood spirit amounting to a highly worthwhile read.

Mommy Knows
The blog Mommy Knows is a great resource for DIY mothers that want to share tips and learn some news ways to cook and craft. With a bright and vibrant writing style mother Kim Becker shares tips about cooking, snacks, DIY projects, and more. In between she also offers some great baby and parenting advice making the blog a great stop for any mother that wants to also be in the know.

The winner of a Britmum Brilliance in Blogging Awards, Annie Spratt enthusiastically posts on festivals, gardening, cute blogs of her family with pleasant photography and beneficial blogs for mothers. In addition, Mammasaurus includes WordPress Theme Customizations, blog design goodies, and adorable printables. This site is a great resource for anyone interesting in starting a parenting blog.

About the Five Diamond Top Blogger Awards

The Diamond Lining culled through thousands of blogs to bring you the absolute best blogs in 10 different categories. The opinions expressed here are our own, but they are the result of hundreds of hours of research. Please spend some time browsing our winning blogs, and if there is a blog that we missed, we are already accepting nominations for our 2014 awards!

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